Professional Irrigation &
Landscape Lighting Services in
Westwood, MA


Professional Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Services in Westwood, MA


Westwood Irrigation System and Landscape Lighting Installations, Repairs, and Replacements

Westwood lawns and homeowners trust Berardi to keep their grass green, healthy, and hydrated through all Massachusetts weather. Our team has decades of experience with Westwood sprinkler and landscape lighting installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. Whether you are a new homeowner who needs to install a sprinkler system or want to upgrade your existing irrigation or lighting, Berardi is here to help. With products from top brands and technicians with years of experience, you can rely on us to keep your lawn lush and healthy all year round. Learn more and schedule a consultation by filling out our online form or call us at 781-828-2029.

Our services include:

  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Sprinkler head replacements and repairs
  • Seasonal irrigation services (winterization and spring shut-on)
  • Full system replacements
  • Landscape lighting installations for driveways, lawns, and architecture
  • Low-voltage and LED lighting options

Landscape Lighting for Westwood Homes, Driveways, Lawns, Pools, and More

Landscape Lighting for Westwood Homes, Driveways, Lawns, Pools, and More

Installing landscape lighting can improve your home’s value, safety, and overall appearance. With Berardi, Westwood homeowners can trust our team to design and install lighting systems that best fit their needs. Our experts can do everything from lining your driveways with elegant pathway lights to highlighting your lawn or pool. We use top-quality FX Luminaire, Cast, and Alliance products with low-voltage and LED options for energy efficiency and long-lasting illumination. To learn more and schedule a consultation, contact us today!

Westwood Irrigation System and Sprinkler Installations, Replacements, and Repairs

Westwood Irrigation System and Sprinkler Installations, Replacements, and Repairs

Keeping your lawn hydrated and healthy can be a challenge for homeowners in Westwood, MA. With unpredictable weather and temperatures, having a reliable irrigation system is essential. At Berardi, we offer design, installations, replacements, and repairs for all sprinkler systems. We use your lawn’s size and shape to design a custom system that will provide even coverage and save you money on utility bills. If you have any damaged sprinkler heads or pipes, we can also schedule repairs and replacements. To learn more and get a free estimate, fill out our contact form or call us at 781-828-2029.


Spring Start-Up and Winterization Services for Sprinklers in Westwood, MA

If you leave any water in your pipes during the months of freezing temperatures, you are putting your sprinklers at risk for bursts, cracks, and other damages. Berardi offers winterization services, including shutting off the water supply, blowing out all water from pipes, and clearing out any debris that may damage the system. When spring begins, we offer spring start-up services to ensure your irrigation is ready for the warmer months ahead. Our team will turn on water supplies and test all your sprinkler system’s components, making any necessary repairs or replacements so you can start off the season right. To learn more and find out the best time to schedule your sprinkler seasonal services, contact us today!


We Serve All Lawns in Westwood, MA and Southeast Massachusetts

If you live in Westwood, MA, or the surrounding towns, Berardi can provide our expert irrigation and landscape lighting services. As Massachusetts residents, we understand the unique challenges and weather patterns that can affect your lawn. From Canton to Westwood, we provide top-of-the-line products and services to ensure your lawn stays green and healthy through all seasons and weather. Learn more and find out if you are within our service area by contacting us today!

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Allen M.
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I've been working with Berardi Irrigation for over two years now and I've been nothing but impressed by every single interaction! Their office staff are polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. Not to mention, most of my needs are handled in a single phone call! Not to be outdone, their service is unrivaled in both quality and value. Courteous, efficient technicians arrive on time and work diligently and even let me know about ways to save on the water bill! If you have any irrigation need, big or small, look no further. 11/10
Glen P.
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Their customer service sets the standard. From office personnel to field crews, I couldn’t be happier. My system has worked perfectly since they installed it about 6 years ago, and I needed a house call after an aerator mishap. My field tech showed up on time, was extremely personable and professional, and within 20 minutes I was again watering my lawn. Thanks Gabe!
Patricia T.
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Very professional from the owner to the technicians. The owner came out and provided a quote for my new install. Gabe was able to answer all my questions. The crew were very professional and got the job done quicker than expected. The materials used were top notch and the price was right. I highly recommend Berardi Irrigation.
Ralph D.
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Gabe and the team is extremely professional and efficient . I was impressed with how they minimized any disruption to the yard during the irrigation install - I highly recommend Berardi to anyone seeking quality work from quality people.
Brandon W.
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Owner was very responsive and transparent on the work to be done. When one section of my yard was not being fully covered they quickly came out and fixed it. The crew was professional, quick, made sure they didn't break out invisible fence, and took the time to walk through the system with me to make sure it was installed correctly. 10/10 would use again.

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