Landscape Lighting: Best Practices for Winter & Snow Visibility in Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts, you are no stranger to harsh winters that come with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Keeping the outside of your home well-lit during this time not only creates a picturesque winter scene but it can also keep your family and visitors safe. Installing landscape lighting that is built for winter and snow visibility can keep your driveway and pathways well-lit, preventing accidents and making your home more accessible. In this blog, we will discuss the best types of lighting to use for the winter, where to install them on your property, and how to schedule an appointment with Berardi Irrigation for professional installation services.

Importance of Landscape Lighting in the Winter

As the days get shorter and darker in the winter, it is important to have proper lighting around your home. With the sun going down earlier, this can make it difficult to see when coming home from work or running errands. Additionally, heavy snowfall can cover up walkways and driveways, making them slippery and dangerous. By having landscape lighting in place, you can easily spot icy patches, navigate your way to the front door, and avoid potential accidents.

Best Types of Outdoor Home Lighting for Winter & Snow Visibility in Massachusetts

Although any type of landscape lighting can be beneficial in the winter, there are a few specific types that are best suited for this season. These include:

LED Light Bulbs

Compared to traditional halogen bulbs, LEDs offer a brighter and more energy-efficient option for landscape lighting. As the snow falls, they can illuminate past the snowflakes and reduce glare, making for better visibility. These bulbs are also highly durable and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Path Lights

Installing path lights along your walkways and driveway can provide clear visibility for visitors and family members. To make sure that these lights are visible during snow buildup, it is recommended to use taller lamps instead of in-ground fixtures.


Floodlights are a great option for illuminating larger areas, such as driveways and yards. They can help melt snow and ice by providing heat, making it safer to walk on these surfaces. However, since these lights are so bright, it is important to only use them in areas where they won’t cause glare for drivers or neighbors.

Deck & Patio Lighting

If you frequently use your deck in the winter, such as for dog walking, outdoor winter parties, or hot tub relaxation, it is important to keep this area well-lit. Not only can deck and patio lighting enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space, but it can also prevent accidents by providing better visibility.

Contact Berardi Irrigation in Canton, MA for Professional Landscape Lighting Installation Services for Year-Round Protection

In addition to our irrigation system services, our team is also highly skilled in providing homes in Massachusetts with landscape lighting installations. We can help you determine the best locations for your specific lighting needs and install the necessary bulbs and fixtures that will withstand the harsh winter weather. With several styles and options to choose from, we can create a custom lighting design that will protect your home while also illuminating your personal style. To learn more and schedule a consultation, visit our website or call 781-828-2029.


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